Top 5 Reasons to Have Lunch in the Loop

The Chicago Loop is a bustling, busy and exciting place to be. There’s constant action and it’s especially active during lunch hour, when thousands of workers in just a few square miles hit the pavement looking for a new dining experience. We love that Lloyd’s is a go-to for lunch in the loop.

We know there are some brown-baggers among you, though, so we thought we’d offer a fun list of reasons to have lunch in the loop!

  1. People Watching – No doubt the best reason to go out for lunch in the Loop is to “people watch.” It’s fun to guess where they might work, what they do for a living, and decide who must be a tourist or commuter. Chicago has a diverse community and a downtown Loop lunch hour is an experience in itself.
  2. Breaking Up Your Day – Need to clear your mind during the day? Yes, you do. Just walking down the street will help revive your day, clear your thoughts, and energize you for the rest of the day.
  3. Bonding with workmates – It’s hard to hang out with workmates in the office for so long. You want to get to know each other, laugh, and talk about something other than work. If you do need to talk business, though, consider Lloyd’s as a great gathering place for a business lunch downtown. You can use our handheld wireless and lapel microphones, LCD projector, projection screen, phone conferencing, Wi-Fi access, podium, easels, two 50-inch plasma televisions, and a sound system for your choice of background music – all at no cost!
  4. Watching the Game – Especially with the Cubs doing so well and having plenty of day games, it’s fun to take an hour lunch and catching the beginning of a game.
  5. Tasting New Goods – So many of you are seeking new restaurants all the time. This is especially true in our city, where so many diverse restaurants and foods are to be discovered. People are on the hunt for the best lunch restaurants in Chicago. We hope you’ll make Lloyd’s one of those lunch destinations. Lloyd’s lunch menu will satisfy, and there’s even our “to go” option with Lloyd’s Express. Hope to see you soon!