The Burger: Need I say more?

According to, Americans on average eat burgers at least once a week!  Addiction to juicy meat topped with interesting flavors is apparent.  The most common topping is ketchup of course.  But there is a burger revolution amongst us!  How can we make this American favorite new and improved?

At Lloyd’s Chicago we offer some interesting preparations.  We take the burger from traditional to unique.  Our traditional burger is the Lloyd’s burger, a customer favorite, with a char-grilled all beef burger topped with aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese and crispy smoked bacon.

Lloyd's Signature Burger

Lloyd’s Signature Burger


This favorite is served with cole slaw and your choice of house cut fries (the perfect companion to any burger), side salad, or fresh fruit.  Today, burgers are evolving all the time.

At Lloyd’s Chicago, we offer a burger of the week to appease the variety of taste buds that come through our doors.  One burger we feature is the Fiesta burger for those looking for a unique preparation.  The Fiesta burger is a char-grilled all beef burger topped with house made pico de gallo, queso fresco, and a zesty tequila lime aioli.

Another out of the ordinary burger served at Lloyd’s Chicago daily is the Cajun turkey burger.  This burger served with a leaner meat is definitely not lacking flavor.  A char-grilled turkey burger seasoned with kicking cajun seasoning is topped with chopped peppers, onions, crispy bacon bits, creamy provolone cheese, and spicy chipotle ranch transforms this burger into one of our favorite menu items.


Lloyd’s Cajun Turkey Burger

The thing about burgers is that they are versatile and basically a blank canvas.  We can dress them up in a variety of ways and flavors.

Because we tend to eat burgers once a week, why not change it up with the burger of the week and try some of the unique flavor combinations our chef develops for your taste buds.

Cooking Tip from Lloyd’s Chicago

Ground Turkey burgers:

You will end up with a juicy flavorful yet simple healthy turkey burger!

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