Steak restaurant Chicago

Steak is one of the great American dishes. Not only is it delicious, steak is a hearty food that is as filling as it is satisfying to eat.

Our favorite part about being a steak restaurant in Chicago – one of the great culinary melting pots in the United States – is how versatile steak can be. We have found steak to work with a variety of pairings and sides to make some truly exquisite, fresh hot dishes.

Here are our favorites:

Grilled skirt steak sandwich
Arugula, pickled red onion, and bacon horseradish aioli. Served on an onion roll.

Center cut skirt steak
Marinated and char-grilled, served with crispy onions.

Steaks and cake
Crabcake with remoulade sauce, paired with char-grilled medallions with veal demi-glace.

You may also like these other beef dishes.

Braised beef gnocchi
With braised short rip, button mushrooms and caramelized onions