Lloyd’s has the Best Bar Menu Items in Chicago

Sometimes when heading out after work we do not feel like sitting down do a full meal. After spending a long day at the office, many times we are in the mood for a more casual experience. This may include enjoying a few cocktails at the bar along with some excellent starters or appetizers. In the large Chicago metro area, the very best venue to visit for high quality bar food and drinks is Lloyd’s-Chicago.

The restaurant is located on Wacker Drive. Parking is available on the lower east side. This spot is ideally situated for workers to unwind after the work day. The many bar specials and variety of food to sample make this area a perfect place to frequent after hours.

cool ranch cheese curds

Cool ranch cheese curds

In addition to outstanding drinks, Lloyd’s offers an exceptional bar menu. Enjoy some short rib sliders, calamari, Cool Ranch cheese curds or some very spicy Korean Crispy Wings. These bar bites are unique, flavorful and very satisfying. But sampling several different starters you can feed your hunger while enjoying a variety of new tastes. You can complement these choices with a delightful amber ale, pilsner, coffee stout or a hoppy ale. Ask your server to recommend the perfect pairing to go with your food.

For those who are on special diets of eating plans, Lloyd’s has you covered. A nice assortment of gluten free appetizers such as buffalo chicken tenders, crispy shrimp or a crusted sashimi appetizer appear on the menu. A veggie plate, turkey burger and various salads also dot the menu for those who need to be watchful of what they eat. For a complete list, you can check out the menu on the website.

Lloyd’s Chicago has been serving the very best bar food along with terrific cocktails, fine wines and hand crafted-beers for many years. So, if you are searching for a place that serves delicious appetizers and starters in a unique and fun atmosphere head to Lloyd’s today. Call Lloyd’s Chicago  at 312-407-6900 with questions regarding bar food, specialty drinks or other promotions.