Lloyd’s Chicago: A Place to Network

For many of us, the work day doesn’t end just because it’s time to leave the office. E-mails go straight to your phone, projects are brought home, and somehow the daily grind seeps into the evening. But while you’re busy trying to advance your career, why not let Lloyd’s Chicago help by planning your next networking event with us?!


Yes, networking can be somewhat of a chore, but there’s no need to keep work and play separate when you book Lloyd’s customizable banquet room. With room for anywhere between 20 to 150 guests, Lloyd’s gives you enough space, amenities, and delectable eating options to satisfy everyone on the invite list.


Of course, when you’re hosting a networking event people will be expecting cocktails and other assorted beverages to help get the conversation going. Whether you’re looking for craft beers, a hosted bar or cash bar, or a bar package, we’ll what you need to keep the evening fun and fancy free. And while your guests mingle and talk shop, they’ll be able to dine on an assortment of meal options, customized to your liking. Whether you want full entrees, a buffet, or passed hors d’oeuvres, we’ll make sure to satisfy your guests’ appetite.


Your career is important and we know you’re always looking to move up in the world. Show your co-workers and fellow-networkers that you mean business by planning your next networking event at Lloyd’s Chicago! We have plenty of options to help create the experience you’ve been hoping for, so check out our private party info and book a banquet room with us today!