Where is Lloyd’s Chicago fresh seafood sourced?

From the ocean waters of the World to your plate, Lloyd’s Chicago offers an array of fresh seafood dishes for those who are looking for high quality seafood in Chicago.

Let’s take a look at where some of our seafood is sourced, their availability, how our chefs prepare them, and few interesting facts.

Discover what Lloyd’s Chicago, located in Chicago’s Financial district, can offer you tonight!

Atlantic Salmon

Source: East Coast, Bay of Fundy, Canada

Availability: Year round

Menu Options: Atlantic Salmon (Two preparations)

-Grilled with Mediterranean salsa, white rice, and veggies

-Blackened, sweet chili sauce

-Blackened Atlantic salmon chopper on iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, Nueske’s bacon, tomatoes, scallions, hard boiled egg, grilled asparagus, blue cheese crumbles

Did you know? This fish is high in protein and omega 3’s. It is a great healthy option!


Yellow fin Tuna

Source: Gulf of Mexico/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Menu Options: Sesame seared sashimi style served with a chilled Thai noodle salad, wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce.

Did you know? These are delivered in large loins and are expertly cut for service each day.


Lake Superior Whitefish

Source: Lake Superior/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round, harder to get in the winter when the traps freeze over

Menu Options: Lake Superior Whitefish

-Horseradish Dijon crusted, beurre blanc sauce

-Marinated, beer battered, flash fried; topped with tequila aioli, pico de gallo, guacamole, red and green cabbage

-Blackened with cilantro-lime mayo, pineapple salsa on ciabatta bun; served with sweet potato fries

Did you know? Unique to the Midwest and specially requested by visitors to the Chicagoland area. This local fish is requested time and time again by visitors from the east/west coast and from around the world.


Florida White Shrimp

Source: Wild caught off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

Availability: Year round

Menu Options: Seared Asian shrimp salad with mixed greens, red/green peppers, red onions, green beans, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, glass noodles with a sesame vinaigrette or Seafood Cobb salad on romaine and iceburg lettuce, seared bay shrimp and scallops, special crab, tomatoes, corn and black bean relish, avocado, hard boiled eggs, bell peppers, blue cheese crumbles, lemon dill dressing

Did you know? The shrimp grow over time in warm, nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean. Wild American shrimp are harvested from a natural environment free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and residue. This allows the shrimp to absorb a better taste, texture, and overall quality. The Wild American Shrimp industry is sustainable and naturally renewable and chockfull of pride from the American shrimpers who look to pass this profession onto future generations.

Fresh…. High quality ingredients…and Daily seafood deliveries insure that Lloyd’s Chicago offers you fresh seafood for lunch or dinner throughout the workweek.


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