Holiday cheese board must haves!

Say cheese! At Lloyd’s Chicago, we love cheese. Our menu features cool ranch cheese curds, whipped goat cheese and roasted beet salad, New York strip sandwich with melted smoked gouda, chicken enchiladas layered with Monterey jack and queso fresco, and Lloyd’s “Famous” lemon chicken with a panko and parmesan crust-Lloyd’s is definitely a connoisseur of great cheese. Check out our menus!

Cool Ranch Cheese Curds
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With the holidays around the corner, you might be asking “what dish should I make?” A sure fire hit is a holiday cheese board! Everyone loves a good cheese platter. Delicious, sweet, and savory-cheese boards are perfect for grazing before a big holiday meal. Today, the cheese section at the grocery store has limitless options. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. Let Lloyd’s guide you. Here are a few holiday cheese board must haves from Lloyd’s Chicago.

#1 Board

Choose a board that is simple. The cheese is the star here! The board should be one you are willing to part with and makes a great gift for the host or hostess. If you want to add a little extra-purchase a cheese knife to accompany the board. It is nice little added feature.

#2 Cheese

Don’t go crazy here. Choose around 4 cheeses. Think texture and taste. Choose a couple that are creamy and few that are harder cheeses. Different milk cheeses (cow or goat) are also excellent choices. A few suggestions are high quality blue cheese, creamy Brie, Fontina, and cranberry goat cheese.

#3 Accompaniments

Holiday cheese boards must have accompaniments. Nuts, sliced meats, pickles, jams, honey, olives are all great accompaniments. When placing on the board, pair the sweeter accompaniments next to the cheeses that are creamy and fruity. Savory ones can stick with the pungent and herbal cheeses. However, this rule doesn’t always apply as in the slice of apple and hard white cheddar pairing.

#4 Crackers

Choose a mild flavored cracker. The holiday cheese board is meant to highlight the unique flavors of the cheese, the cracker on the other hand is taking a back seat. Think of the cracker as a vehicle you use to get it to your mouth! It should be tasty and crunchy in texture but not overpowering in flavor.

#5 Wine

If you really want to make an impression, then choose a bottle of wine to accompany your holiday cheese board. Here are few guiding tips to help you choose the best wine for your holiday cheese board.

Red wine with strong tannins pairs well with rich, aged cheeses

-Riesling goes well with salty cheeses

-Oaky Chardonnay is perfect with creamy goat cheese

-Sparkling Rose highlights flavors of fresh soft cheeses

If you follow these holiday cheese board must haves, your guests will definitely be impressed. Lastly add a few sprigs of herbs like rosemary, thyme, or dried fruits to your holiday cheese board for added color and flavor. At Lloyd’s, we celebrate our love for cheese by incorporating them into a variety of our dishes-from appetizers to salads to sandwiches and your favorite comfort dishes. Enjoy this complimentary guide this holiday season from Lloyd’s Chicago. Cheers!