Healthy Food in the Loop

It’s not a coincidence that American culture in the late-2010s is inundated with diets and fitness. It’s not a passing trend. People want to eat and live healthier, and we at Lloyd’s are here to make your life easier – though no less delicious.

Over the past few years our blog has covered the healthy eating topic several times. We have offered both cooking and eating tips, beyond what Lloyd’s wants to promote. We care about you, and we know that we can still be a part of your plan. In today’s post, we are bringing it all together!

  1. Example LifeStart RD Approved Menu Items – (may change monthly)

Lloyd’s Express (carry-out): Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Wrap or Vietnamese Chicken Wrap

Lloyd’s Restaurant: Kale and Apple Salad, Vietnamese Crunch Salad, or Tuna Poke

Also – Kale, a Superfood?

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Our Menus

Lloyd’s menu aims to please, both in taste and healthy content.

Located right in the Chicago Loop, near mass transit and entertainment, we are already convenient. We consider it our job to combine delicious food, excellent service, convenient location and healthy options to offer Chicagoans a great restaurant option!