Greening up your meals

As we wrote about earlier in June, the evolution of salad has been a joy to experience. The freshness, crispness and lightness of a great salad is great addition to any meal of the day.

If taste weren’t enough of a reason to appreciate a well-constructed salad, then here are some of the benefits of having your chicken on a bed of salad and not on a bun.

Lower-carb, better health

Other than those with very specific health issues that require them to have a high-card diet, going low-carb has a lot of health benefits. They range from keeping your blood sugar low, which keeps food cravings at bay; helping you maintain a healthy weight by preventing your body’s natural fat storage mechanisms; and keeping your alert and sharp-minded by shifting your diet to brain-empowering foods.

If you’ve ever had a very sugary drink or dessert and felt sluggish afterward, that’s the result of a sugar rush in the bloodstream that can negatively affect your brain. The same effect is had when eating a high-carb food item, especially if it’s a highly refined grain such as white rice or processed bread.

So, if you’re craving one of our delicious sandwiches or burgers but have already had a lot of carbs that day, you can try getting it in salad form instead. Our signature salad “choppers” transform our juicy burgers and fish sandwiches into the ultimate hearty and crisp salads – without all the guilt. Also ask your waiter when ordering a salad if you can add fresh salmon, chicken or other meats to it if it doesn’t come with a meat already.

Health benefits from leafy greens

Spinach, Swiss chard and many herbs and other leafy greens are power-houses when it comes to nutritional value. They contain important vitamins and nutrients that support heart and bone health, from vitamins A, C and B-12 to calcium and magnesium. There’s a reason why so many people shove handfuls of spinach into smoothies and “green” shakes.

At your next meal with us, order a salad and you’ll feel refreshed and energized in a way that a bottle of Coke or a sugary candy bar aren’t able. While a sugary treat may make you feel good in the short-term, the vast majority of us experience a drop in blood sugar after eating a sugary food item and tend to feel sluggish as a result. With leafy greens and vegetables, there is no such effect, and instead the nutrients provided by them provide you with natural, long-lasting energy.

Keeping it low-cal

Another obvious benefit of choosing the salad over the burger – or adding a side-salad instead of a side-order of fries – is that leafy greens have much fewer calories than almost any other food. In fact, you could consider many types of leafy greens as having zero calories, and the rest of the food that comes with it – from fresh veges to oils or dressings – as the actual calories you’re consuming.

It’s delicious!

The most obvious reason of all to try one of our delicious salads is that they’re tasty! We are fond of the colorful presentation and variety of tastes provided by salads. And, with the ability to add some of our signature seafood, steak or chicken to salads as a topping or as a chopper, you’ll be preserving all the great flavors of Lloyd’s without any of the guilt.

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