Gluten-Free Options are Many at Lloyd’s-Chicago

Many people today are on special diets and watching what they eat. Whether for a specific health condition, or just for personal preference, diners increasingly keep track of what they consume. Vegetarians and vegans are more prevalent than ever,  and others watch their intake of carbs. Then there is the growing number of those with celiac disease who must avoid gluten. For years now, Lloyd’s has offered a gluten-free menu for Chicago diners.

Staying away from certain foods is certainly possible, but it can make going out for a meal a difficult task. That is why many restaurants now offer special menus to their guests. It is reassuring to know you can visit an establishment and partake of the menu. Such are those with celiac disease.

Those will celiac disease cannot eat gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Since there are so many foods composed of these grains, choices can be very limited. At the grocery store, people can check labels for ingredients, but it is much more difficult to check for this in a dish served at a restaurant. With so many items on a menu, all with different ingredients, how does someone know what is safe to eat? Until recently, people with this condition had an extremely difficult time eating away from home.

Today many more restaurants are aware the restrictions those with celiac disease face. In response, many eateries have expanded their selections to meet customer needs. One such venue with a large celiac friendly menu is the fine establishment on Wacker Drive in Chicago – Lloyd’s. The restaurant has made it a point to offer a very large variety of delicious gluten-free options.  Choose from appetizers such as chicken tenders or shrimp, or a crispy side or entrée salad. Then enjoy an entrée like Lake Superior Whitefish, Filet Medallions or a Skirt Steak Sandwich. The full menu can be viewed on our website.

Lloyd’s Chicago has been serving the best American favorites along with quality wine and hand crafted- beer for years. In addition to gluten-free choices, the menu features delicious items for both lunch and dinner. Additionally, rooms are available for private parties, wedding receptions or other business events. So give Lloyd’s Chicago a try or call 312-407-6900 to reserve your spot at their table to enjoy delicious food and exemplary service.