Favorite health boosting greens

Start your lunch off right with these favorite health boosting greens at Lloyd’s Chicago. Quality ingredients are important in our daily diets and whether you are working in Chicago’s Financial district or attending a performance in Chicago’s Theater district, Lloyd’s Chicago is a great option for homemade American comfort food.   Let’s take a look at a couple of powerful plants and see how we at Lloyd’s Chicago incorporate them into our menu items.

Red Cabbage:

Not only does this plant provide us with that crunchy texture but also red cabbage is particularly high in Vitamin C that can help boost our immune systems.

Lloyd’s Chicago offers red cabbage in our Georges Bank Haddock Tacos.  Beer battered, flash fried; topped with tequila aioli, pico de gallo, red and green cabbage. Served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, Spanish rice. Also, our Lloyd’s Turkey Burger, topped with red and green cabbage, feta cheese, and avocado cilantro cream.


Delicate in texture and peppery in taste, arugula contains chlorophyll, which aids in preventing DNA damage.

You have to try Lloyd’s Salt Roasted Beet salad with salt roasted beets, whipped goat cheese, baby arugula, crushed pistachios, balsamic vinaigrette if you are a newcomer to arugula.


Cool and crispy, this lettuce doesn’t get soggy when used with heavier dressings. It’s an excellent source of Vitamin B or folate.

At Lloyd’s, we use a combination of Romaine and iceberg in our entrée salads. I suggest for the seafood lover the Seared Tuna Nicoise.  (Romaine and iceberg lettuce, red potatoes, grape tomatoes, green beans, green peppers, kalamata olives, hard boiled eggs, red onions, herbed croutons, Italian vinaigrette) But if you don’t prefer seafood, Lloyd’s also offers the Chopped Chicken Salad with romaine and iceberg lettuce, Nueske’s bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, corn and black bean relish, roasted red peppers, avocado, buttermilk ranch.



This leafy green is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Spinach can help in maintaining a healthy body.

Spinach is an ingredient that is incorporated throughout Lloyd’s Dinner and Lunch menus and as a side. Here are just a few suggestions. The Veggie Plate with tofu, sauteed spinach, julienne vegetables, steamed broccoli served with white rice and sweet chili garlic sauce.

Don’t take a chance this autumn season with your health. Incorporate these powerful plants into your daily diet. Lloyd’s Chicago offers a variety of dishes with high quality ingredients to help you reach your goal. Homemade dressings, a variety of vegetables and proteins make our menu a great option for lunch or dinner. Lloyd’s Chicago is located across from Chicago’s Lyric Opera house and only few blocks from Union Station. Heading home from work or sight seeing in Chicago, Lloyd’s is a great affordable option for you. Reserve your table at www.lloydschicago.com.