Why not enjoy your ride home?

Why not enjoy your ride home?

Traveling back and forth to work can be tedious!   Why not enjoy the ride by stopping by Lloyd’s Chicago on your way to Union Station.   Union Station and Ogilvie is full of commuters coming and going, usually in a rush, hurrying home for dinner.  Change your plans and stop by Lloyd’s for some drinks.

They have a variety of craft beers on tap and their wine list is extensive.  A little pick me up might just help you through that 45 minute train ride of people watching.  3 Floyd’s, Two Brothers, Goose island, Revolution are all options from the craft beer menu paired with some free homemade salty and crisp kettle chips while you wait out the traffic jam at Union Station.

In case you want a bite to eat, Lloyd’s has an eclectic menu with choices that range from a juicy smoked bacon burger to crispy chicken and waffle strips to a spicy and tangy sriracha buffalo shrimp.  Whatever delight your palate may be up for, Lloyd’s Chicago can fill it.  During your morning rush, we can accommodate your hunger with Lloyd’s Express (312-407-6902) just order, pick up and go. Choices range from seriously sauced stir frys to swanky specialty sandwiches, healthy salads, and even quick and hardy breakfast options for you on your way into work.

Luckily, Lloyd’s is only a half block from Union Station, so picking up or stopping by on your way to or from work is quite convenient.  Safe travels and hope to see you soon.