The elements of a good cup of COFFEE

A good cup of COFFEE is just what you need on those days when it is a struggle to get out of bed. Coffee is multi-dimensional with it’s wafting aromas in the air, warm sips of roasted smooth flavors trickling down your throat, and overwhelming sense of comfort you experience after the first couple sips. It’s an experience that is looked forward to when you begin your day and sometimes again just to get you over your midday siesta (meaning an afternoon rest or nap, especially one taken during the hottest hours of the day in a hot climate)!

Nutritional Info…

Coffee by itself has 2-3 calories, no fat, no carbohydrates, no sugars per 8 ounce cup. As for caffeine each bean is different. Depending upon the type of bean, how it is manufactured, and how it is prepared, all impact the caffeine levels. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and today studies pop up throughout the year discussing its benefits in fighting chronic diseases. You should consult a healthcare professional for more information on those topics.

History of Coffee….

Coffee has been around for a long time. Its origin can be traced back centuries ago in Ethiopia to a goat herder who saw the energetic effects of the beans on his goats. Eventually, through coffee cultivation and trade the coffee bean spread to other nearby areas like the Arabian Peninsula and then throughout Europe. The coffee house began to pop up throughout these lands as intellectuals enjoyed cups of coffee and conversation about politics and philosophy. With the popularity of coffee and the discovery of the Americas combined with increased travels to India, the Dutch, French, Spanish, and English all brought over their favorite coffee beans and methods of drinking coffee. The tropical climate and rugged mountain landscape of these lands allowed coffee to flourish, making it today one of the most sought commodities of the world.

The appeal of Coffee…

Part of coffee’s popularity today is its ability to combine and blend with a variety of flavoring elements. Spices to sweeteners to creams/milk can transform a simple cup of coffee. Here are a few suggestions to take your coffee to the next level!

Spices: Adding one or a few of the following will spice up your next cup of coffee.

Garnish your freshly brewed coffee with….

-Cinnamon Stick

-Pinch of Cocoa powder

-Grated Chocolate

-Lemon Twist

-Grated nutmeg or cardamom

-White or black pepper

Sweeteners: If you like your coffee sweet try a few of these options besides the traditional sugar.

Mix into your cup of coffee

-Brown Sugar


-Piloncillo-an unrefined sugar with a molasses-like flavor, sold in a cone form at Mexican food stores.

-Some Eastern European countries sweetened the water before brewing a cup of coffee.

-Agave Syrup

Creams/Milk: If you look closely milks/cream already have some sugars so you might prefer just cream/milk with your coffee. When adding it to coffee whether it is plain or whipped can enrich and lighten up your cup of coffee. Warm first and then froth or pour into cup of coffee. *Equal portions of milk and coffee makes a Café au lait.

-Whole, low fat, or skim cow’s milk

-Goat milk (if you can find it)

Dairy free options

-Coconut milk

-Almond milk

-Rice milk

-Soy milk

When blending coffee and milk, heat equal amounts of milk in pot until bubbles form at the edges; pour the coffee and milk together into a cup at the same time.

There are two ways to achieve nicely frothed milk. You can purchase a mixer and set it to heat setting and let it froth and heat up. My preferred method is using milk steamer on an espresso machine. Allow the machine to heat up; release the steam into the milk while moving the cup up and down. The foam is smooth and well blended.


Lloyd’s Chicago’s Coffee….

Our freshly brewed coffee is an Artisan blend from Intelligentsia accompanied with assorted creamers and sweeteners.

“Intelligentsia blends showcase the cross-section of our favorite seasonal coffees. To highlight the nuanced flavors we cherish, each blend offers a distinctive flavor profile. Our blends are carefully tested cup after cup for adherence to our uncompromising standards.” –

Lloyd’s Chicago offers this excellent cup of coffee at our restaurant, Lloyd’s Express, and as part of any of private party packages. Join us at Lloyd’s Chicago and experience our Artisanal cup of coffee today!