Eating right – and deliciously – at Lloyd’s

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for us in the United States. This is especially so that more than a third of U.S. citizens don’t have a healthy weight. If you want to make it to the “top 64 percent” – or stay there – it takes discipline and smart choices when it comes to food, sleep and exercise.

But staying disciplined and on a diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the food you eat. In fact, there are many delicious dishes that have high nutrition density and low or moderately low calorie density – the secret combination that helps us stay within our recommended calorie intake for the day while feeling good and staying health.

Here are some of our favorite healthy dishes that won’t bust your waistline in the process.


Our sesame seared yellow fin tuna makes a delicious appetizer and is full of essential Omega-3 fats – but not calories. The Omega-3s are a natural mood booster, making this delicious dish just as satisfying as something that were breaded and deep-fried.

The hummus and veggie plate is another healthy choice for the weight conscious. Dip the veges into the hummus and skip the pita for an even better balanced meal – the pita, while delicious, can raise your blood sugar levels because it contains refined grains.


Our “mini chopper” and chopped chicken salad are the perfect definition of delicious but healthy. They take your favorite proteins and place them on a bed of lettuce instead of bread. Bread-based sandwiches don’t typically make the criteria of healthy-and­-low-calorie thanks to the bread and condiments.

But take meats and place them on crunchy romaine and iceburg lettuce – and throw in some crumpled bacon – and you make the dish much more calorie-reasonable.

Main courses

Fish are an excellent example of nutrient-dense but low-calorie foods. They typically contain healthy fats, are high in protein and are often cooked in healthful juices and spices such as lemon, garlic and dill. We recommend the grilled and blackened Atlantic salmon to maximize your Omega-3s as well as taste – we just love salmon!

For those who aren’t are favorable to sea-based meals, one of our favorite dishes is our Lloyd’s lemon chicken. It’s encrusted with panko, a type of grain that is much lower in gluten and has a lower glycemic index than other typically breading grains. To keep the calorie count even lower, ask for the lemon cream sauce on the side. Then, dip each bite into the sauce directly, which is an easy way to eat less sauce than you would otherwise.

Even more

These of course aren’t the only options available to you for dinner at Lloyd’s. Check out our dinner menu, then make a reservation once you’re ready!