Easy Shrimp Recipes

Easy shrimp recipes: Classic vs. Exotic

 Brown, white, and pink shrimp form the gulf and southern Atlantic waters represent one among hundreds of similar species found year round on every coast.  All have firm flesh and a salty flavor.  Florida’s rock shrimp have a thicker shell and even firmer flesh.  Shrimp can be poached, stewed, sautéed, stir-fried, deep-fried, baked, and broiled.

Peeling a shrimp can be a tedious task.  Shrimp usually have been beheaded: if you should purchase shrimp with heads, simply twist them off.  Save them though because they can be used to make a seafood stock and they are full of flavor.  The entire body is edible and cleaning is a matter of peeling off the shell and cutting out the often-gritty intestinal vein.  Most species of shrimp are peeled with fingers; the tougher shells of rock shrimp require scissors.

Check out these classic and exotic shrimp recipes:

A classic French recipe:

To eat, put the skillet on the table and serve the shrimp with toasted crostini and a stick of compound butter- butter flavored with shallots, jalapeños, or any blend of herbs.

Eat each shrimp as you peel it: remove the head and pinch the remainder of the shell off to expose the tail meat.  Eat the shrimp tail meat and if your adventurous eat the shrimp head or save the shrimp head to make stock or shrimp butter.  Enjoy!

An Exotic recipe: Indonesian shrimp cakes

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