Favorite fall pairings: What to pair, pour, and eat now at Lloyd’s Chicago!

Caramel covered apples, pumpkin spiced lattes, and crisp apple cider-a few favorite fall flavors- are mixed into doughnuts, added to your cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon, or even blended into your favorite craft beer. Lloyd’s Chicago has embraced the fall season with incorporating fall flavors into a few of our dishes and into our craft beer list. Let’s take a look at Fall favorite pairings: what to pair, pour, and eat now at Lloyd’s Chicago during the fall season!

New craft beer!

Pollyanna Fruhauf Oktoberfest-bottles-$6.00 each.

Oktoberfest / ABV – 5.4% / IBU – 23 / SRM – 12

2016 GABF Bronze Medal Winner for German-Style Maerzen.

Built in 1871, the current La Dolce Vita restaurant in Lemont was once home to The Charles Fruhauf Store. Charles Fruhauf, a German-born immigrant, built his storefront out of Lemont limestone (Athens Marble) and his general store was a Lemont staple throughout the late 1800’s. We brewed this Oktoberfest as homage to him and the beautiful building that still stands to this day. Clean, malty, and just dry enough, this Märzen-style lager is to be consumed in your finest lederhosen or dirndl while eating giant pretzels in an endless beer garden.

New fall dessert!

Pumpkin pie, creamy with a touch of cinnamon, ginger, and clove blended with pumpkin puree topped with whipped cream and caramel.   This fall favorite is a must-have during the months of October and November. Creamy and decadent it will fulfill your fall flavor cravings. Add a cup of cappuccino or an espresso to warm you up!

New seafood soups!

Each week Lloyd’s Chicago changes up our seafood soup special. Nothing better than a piping hot bowl of soup filled with fresh seafood on those cold and wet days during the fall season. Check our online menu for this week’s seafood soup special. Here are few fall favorites you might see frequent the menu from time to time.

-New England Clam Chowder

-Corn & Crab Chowder

-Fish Chowder

-Shrimp & Crab Bisque

New bar appetizers!

Short rib sliders, merlot braised beef short rib, bacon glazed sautéed onions, parker roll bun, homemade chips. Braising is a cooking technique in which beef is slowly roasted in its own juices to become tender and juicy. Slather the short rib on freshly baked parker rolls and top with bacon infused onions. There you go-the perfect after work bar bite before heading to Union station for that long ride home.

Favorite fall pairings at Lloyd’s Chicago!

Coffee Stout

Try a coffee stout to nicely contrast the mild flavor of the flash fried calamari or Blackened Whitefish.   

-Served with cilantro-lime mayo, pineapple salsa, mixed greens, sliced tomatoes on ciabatta.

Sauvignon Blanc

A citrusy Sauvignon Blanc with the fresh tuna sashimi or Georges Bank Scallops. 

-Seared scallops with roasted red pepper cream sauce, house made polenta & Julienne vegetables.


Try a well-balanced pilsner to take the edge off the smoked paprika aioli served with the fried pickles or Filet Mignon Medallions with blue cheese with veal demi-glace.

Amber Ale

An amber ale to balance the sweet chicken and waffles or Maryland Style Crabcake with Remoulade sauce.

New England IPA

A New England style IPA for the chicken flautas or Chicken Enchiladas. 

-Mole sauce, Monterey jack cheese, queso fresco-served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, Spanish rice.


Try a full-bodied cabernet with a bite of the arancini or Beef Gnocchi. 

-Merlot Braised beef, gnocchi pasta, sautéed onion, spinach and red pepper in cognac cream sauce.

Hoppy Ale

A hoppy IPA with our cool ranch cheese curds or Stuffed Salmon.  

-Crab, shrimp, Brie cheese stuffed Atlantic salmon, with lemon dill sauce-served with julienne vegetables and mashed potato.

Dry Cider

A dry cider with the mustard pickles on the short rib sliders or Reuben Sandwich. 

-House cooked corned beef sandwich with sauerkraut, 1000 island dressed, on light rye bread.

Whether you are strolling into Chicago for a convention or looking for a bite to eat after work, stop in at Lloyd’s Chicago on Wacker drive and dive into a our favorite fall pairings. See you soon!