5 Summer Cocktail combinations at Lloyd’s

Now that summer is finally here, many people will be heading out to enjoy a great meal along with a drink or two. In the warm weather, nothing is quite as refreshing as a cool and delicious cocktail. It is a wonderful partner to your entrée and can really complete a meal. Lloyd’s Chicago, located at 1 S. Wacker Drive, is the perfect place to enjoy a summer meal.  Next time you stop at Lloyd’s for a bite to eat; Try one or two of the 5 summer cocktail combinations.

5 Summer Cocktail combinations

  1.  Fruit provides a balance between tart and sweet which provides a delightful refreshment. Most sours rely on fruit like lemon and lime. Margaritas and Daiquiris fall into this category. A drink such as a Cosmo uses cranberry for flavor. Other cocktails, such as a Sangria, are a mixture of many fruits as well as ginger ale. Red wines, such as Josh Legacy Red Blend is a great choice if looking for something sweet and different.
  2. Carbonation and bubbles are another popular part of a refreshing drink. Add some Champagne to a sour mix, and you have created a French 75.
  3. Mint can work as an ingredient too!  A cooling Mint Julep or a rum based drink like a Mojito are perfect examples.
  4. Add a bit of spice!  You can also combine some beer with hot sauce to create a unique tasting Michelada. Start off the day with a Bloody Mary- the perfect balance of heat and tartness.
  5. Stay Classic!  Whether you like it shaken or stirred, dry, wet, or classic, the martini embodies the summer with the slow cool sips while you people watch in downtown Chicago.


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Whatever you are hungry for, rest assured that Lloyd’s can create it exactly to your taste! At Lloyd’s, you can enjoy a cocktail, sparkling wine or one of our seasonal local craft beers. Experiment by pairing bar food with one of 5 summer cocktail combinations-Check out our Bar menu for pairing suggestions.  Try having an amber ale with chicken and waffles or a fruity Sauvignon Blanc to compliment some fresh tuna sashimi. Other possibilities are enjoying a cabernet with a bite of the arancini and having a New England style IPA along with chicken flautas.

You can always check the website for pairing suggestions. Lloyd’s Chicago has been serving the best in American favorites for many years. If you just want to relax after a long day at the office, enjoy watching the game in the bar area or partake in an exquisite meal on the patio, make Lloyd’s your choice this summer.