Breaking the Flavor barriers of Craft Beers…..

When looking at Lloyd’s Chicago Craft Beer list you might not know what you are about to choose. It’s extensive, the names are catchy, but most importantly will I like how it tastes. We are taking each of these crafted brews and breaking them down for your beer palate in hopes of providing you a better way to choose.

Floral: These beers have floral taste and aromas and pair well with spicy or tangy food choices.

Spicy: These beers can be bitter and have a spiced aroma. They pair best with spicy and tangy food options.

Fruity: These beers can be refreshing with a range of fruity aftertastes. They pair well with all types of foods especially fish.


Piney: These beers are also sometimes hoppy and have pine aromas. They pair well with fried foods, hard cheeses, and burgers.

Earthy: These beers are our wheat beers with other tones for fruit or hops. They pair well with seafood and steaks.


Herbal: Similar to the piney beers but more subtle. Kind of a cornucopia of fruit, earth, citrus flavors.  Pairs well with fried foods.

Citrus: Tangy and unfussy, Citrus beers pair well with pizza or most comfort foods.


Malty: These beers are rich with hints of chocolate and coffee. Pairs well with a rich chocolate dessert or mole chicken.

The above beers are complex and have hints of one or more of the flavor profiles in them. This is just a basic categorizing of these brews but because so much heart and soul has been poured in to their taste and aromas, you may want to try a few out of each category.

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