Your Blizzard Survival Plan at Lloyd’s

To say winter came into full swing this January is an understatement. Chicago has been hit with below or near-below freezing temperatures throughout the month. Streets have been full of snow, sleet or a combination most of the time. The sky hasn’t been blue in what seems like weeks.

Luckily, we Chicagoans clearly have it better than our east coast brethren. Starting around the end of the third week of January, blizzard conditions have nearly completely paralyzed workplaces, streets and public transportation in Washington, D.C. and New York City. But while we may have been spared, that doesn’t mean we will continue to be while winter further makes its onslaught across the country.

The joys of comfort food

In case Chicago gets its own version of snowmargeddon, there’s an easy coping mechanism that can get you through it: Comfort food! Specifically, savory food served fresh and piping hot. Here are just some of the indulgent dishes and meals you can order at Lloyd’s to help you get through the inevitable blizzard of ’16 when it hits Chicago.

Chicken and waffle strips. Syrupy waffle crumbs, barbecue sauce and chicken – this appetizer is essentially the definition of comfort food. Served hot with maple-chipotle butter.

Cheeseburger chopper salad. Who ever said cheeseburgers – one of the ultimate in comfort foods – have to be unhealthy? When turned into our signature chopper salad, you get the best of comfort food on a healthy bed of greens, grilled asparagus, scallions and tomatoes. Served with bacon and blue cheese crumbles for that extra savory kick.

Rueben sandwich. Now we’re talking. One of our favorite sandwiches is also one of the ultimate comfort foods. House cooked corned beef, sauerkraut and 1000 island sauce is heated to perfection and served on light rye bread. We won’t blame you if you order two – one for now and one for later.

Barbacoa tacos. A dish that’s hot and spicy can thaw out even the most frozen of Chicagoans. Our braised short rib is served with Spanish rice, spicy salsa, queso fresco, avocado, cilantro and onion. Tangy and spicy, these tacos can keep you warm even when it’s below zero outside.

Don’t forget dessert. We’ve got desserts at Lloyd’s Chicago that are both sweet and warm – sure to keep your stomach happy even when your skin and hands are freezing. Try out our hot fudge sundae, pecan tart a la mode and mint chocolate brownie sundae topped with hot fudge.

Looking for even more comfort food to thaw you out? Check out our dinner menu and lunch menu for even more ideas.