Best of Comfort Foods

Best of Comfort foods

Diversity is ever present in Lloyd’s Chicago menu with an appreciation of the many ethnic cultures that make up Chicago.  From Mexican to Irish to Asian and to Italian (just to name few) have all influenced what many Chicagoans call comfort food:  food that their mothers and grandmother have spent hours cooking for family gatherings.

Comfort food hits all the senses
-The sound of sauces bubbling
-The smell of fresh herbs being chopped
-The sight of a table filled with one tasty goodness after another
-The crispy, crunchy, smooth, & creamy textures of the made with love food
-And of course to top it off with the taste of spices that remind us of home!

Growing up two meals that most comforts me and remind of homes are meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn (we ate it every week)! And tuna fish casserole (usually a Friday night meal for the family). When those smells fill my home, it transports me to time in my life when things seemed easier.  So let Lloyd’s located on Wacker drive in the heart of Chicago’s financial district transport you back to a time when things seemed easier!  So, What food comforts you?  At Lloyd’s Chicago, we recreate these feelings of home and family with our diverse menu of American comfort food.



Let’s take a look at Lloyd’s Chicago’s top 5 American comfort foods.
(I know your mom’s is better but we try to come pretty close!)
1. Lloyd’s Burger:  Char-grilled burger, Wisconsin cheddar, crispy smoked bacon.  Truly an American Comfort Food!!!  This is America’s #1 a juicy burger topped with American cheese and salty bacon on a tender yet toasted bun!!! (Makes me hungry just writing about it!)
2. Seared Asian Shrimp salad:  Delicately seared shrimp are mixed with fresh greens, red & green peppers, red onions, green beans, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, glass noodles, sesame ginger vinaigrette.  An Asian bowl that comforts all five senses!
3. Barbacoa Tacos:  Braised Short Rib, avocado, cilantro, onions, sour cream, Queso fresco. Spanish rice, topped with spicy salsa.  Slow roasted influences of Mexico are enjoyed throughout this dish!
4.  Braised Beef Gnocchi:  a soft, pillowy gnocchi gently sautéed with braised short rib, button mushrooms, & caramelized onions.  This is a true amalgamation of Italian ingredients taken to decadent and rich finish.
5. Rueben Sandwich:  Start with the corned beef:  meat enjoyed around St. Patrick’s Day for many Irish Americans.  We make our own corned beef!  We slice it thinly and layer it on toasted rye bread topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, & 1000 island dressing.  An Irish comfort food taken to the next level of crunchy, creamy yumminess!



So come to Lloyd’s Chicago to enjoy American Comfort food at its BEST!
Lloyd’s Chicago restaurant is located on Wacker Drive in the heart of Chicago’s financial district and near the Lyric Opera. It’s an excellent place for those working in downtown Chicago to grab food and go.  Lloyd’s Chicago is also a great location for downtown Chicago banquets and private parties!!  Make Lloyd’s Chicago your next stop!  See you soon!