Bar Food & Snacks

Bar Food & Snacks

Hummus and veggies, honey roasted mixed nuts, seafood and meat sliders just of the few options on Lloyd’s Chicago bar menu located across the street from the Lyric Opera. Snacks and sandwiches are a mainstay of American culture. They are enjoyed by all ages and in a variety of settings.

Bar food has had a dicey history. At first bars where a wholesome place for food and lodging then overtime transformed from places where men of different economic status gathered to discuss political affairs to neighborhood joints where the community let loose with music, food, and drink. In the early 1900’s bars became more controlled with Prohibition. Mainly used to appease Prohibitionists and inspired by street food vendors, bar food came back into the spotlight and ranged from pickled eggs to roasted nuts to pork rinds depending on the region in which the bars where located. The varied tastes and ethnic groups that congregated at certain area bars pretty much helped decide some of the first bar foods served. When the neighborhood bar became the lunch and dinner place for workers, the meals evolved from snacks to entrees. Sandwiches, pies, pasties, and rolls became a favorite amongst bar goers.

Today, it seems bar food has exploded. The amount of craft beers available throughout the city of Chicago has doubled if not tripled within the past year. When sipping these distinctly flavorful craft beers, chefs are inspired to develop tasty snacks and sandwiches to accompany them. With beers that have hints of grapefruit, chocolate, or chilies, innovations in bar food has gone beyond our wildest taste buds.

Top 5 Bar foods in U.S.

  1. Chicken wings
  2. Potato
  3. Nachos
  4. Sliders
  5. Cheese

Let’s break this down a bit!

#5 Cheese: gently rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried and dipped in a warm marinara or sliced & paired with meat. What could they do with cheese next?

#4   Sliders: whether it is seafood or juicy beef patties sandwiched into between two small pieces of fluffy grilled bread and heavily topped with onions or whatever goodness the chef wants on it, these sandwiches satisfy.

#3 Nachos: Hello, should I say more! House fried tortilla chips; freshly made condiments; well-seasoned meat; completely covered from top to bottom with gooey cheese.

#2 Potato: a versatile starchy veggie loved by all. Whether its potato skins topped with cheese, sour cream, and green onion; or deep fried salted and topped with cheese & bacon, the potato is a bar goers delight.

#1 Chicken Wings: What makes a wing is the sauce! Sweet, tangy, spicy, and finger licking good. Chicken wings should be deep-fried to crispy goodness yet has the juiciest meat.

Lloyd’s Chicago, near Willis Tower, offers some of the tastiest craft beers in Chicago and pairs these bars with delicious bar food. If it’s a warm summer night or cold’s wintery day stop in Lloyd’s Chicago near Chicago’s loop and theater district for some American comfort bar food. See you soon!