The Art of Retiring in Style at Lloyd’s Chicago

For most, retirement is a time of celebration: The end of one era and the beginning of another. Think of all the years it took to get to this point – from education to those exciting early years to the more recent golden years. All those late nights, lunch meetings and staff reports have all led to this moment in the retiree’s life.

Mark this important moment for someone special in your life by choosing Lloyd’s as your Chicago Loop private dinner party destination.

Private events and banquets at Lloyd’s

Among private party venues in Chicago, Lloyd’s is one of the most flexible. We offer private or semi-private venues for just about any size crowd you may expect to attend. Our individual rooms can host between 20 to 75 guests on average, and up to 150 if combined. If you rent our entire banquet facilities, bar and restaurant, we can host up to 400 guests.

Our flexible event size options wouldn’t mean as much if the venue itself was not all that exciting. But at Lloyd’s, we strive to serve the best-quality banquet food your guests could expect and provide as delightful an ambience as possible.

Banquet food options

Lloyd’s is unique among Chicago Loop banquet restaurants in that we offer many different menu options that capitalize on our already unique and varied restaurant menu.

You can also book events for all three meals of the day. So, if you need to host your retirement party at breakfast or lunch to allow time for a company event later in the day, our flexible timing options make us idea among Chicago Loop banquet restaurants.

Here are just some of the options for the retirement party:

Ready to book your retirement party today?

Lloyd’s is a popular destination for all sorts of private events – from weddings to networking events and more. So, if you know there’s a major retirement coming up this fall or winter, start planning your event today to help make sure you can host your event on the day, time and venue size that works best for you.

See our information packet on private parties on our website, then see our private party request form to beginning signing up for your event. You can also call our event coordinator at (312) 401-1352 for more information on availability.